Navaratri: The Nine Nights Of The Goddess

On Tuesday, October 13th, many in India give a sigh of relief for divine intervention. It is the time of the year when the pressure valve comes off the tank and new freedom is in sight. In fact, an emotional release of pent up feelings, concerns and worries can be felt by anyone who taps into the energy of Navaratri, the 9 Nights of the Goddess. 

Whats really happening? The mythological, abbreviated version of the story is that there was a bad person who was causing a lot of  trouble on Earth.   No man could defeat him – it was a troubling time.  However, there was one being who could destroy him – a divine female warrior named Durga– an energy so ferociously protective and out of love, She would do anything to shield Her children.  The Goddess, over 9 Nights fought the bad man and finally killed him. 

Many believe the story took place and honor the female warrior twice a year.  Each day there is a different transformative energy available.  If ever you were in the right place at the right time…with the right Herb this is it! 

The Siddhas believe that transformation comes when the timing is right and the meditation is right and the herb is right.  Hi–Health Formula is the right herb.  Turmeric is around all Goddess deities in India and the saints from long ago must have known that this herb will call the positive feminine energy like no other.  In fact they actually build their statues in Turmeric – that’s how divine this beautiful orange –gold root is! 

The first three nights of Navaratri honor the goddess forms of Durga in order to destroy all of our impurities and vices. 

Day 1. Shailputri is first among the nine embodiments of Goddess Durga and is worshiped during the first day of Navratri. Her glory is incredible. She is the goddess of purity. With her veneration, Navratri is given an auspicious start. She is also a form of Mother Nature. 

Hi-Health Formula and purity! Turmeric is a powerful purifier of the Physical Body.  Phonemes (sounds) strengthen and clear our Energy Body from unhealthy energies we pick up from other and our environment. Purifying your energy body returns power to your purpose and destiny. Reset yourself with the herb for Mother Nature on the night that the goddess of Mother Nature is celebrated.


Day 2. Brahmacharini is celebrated on the second day and signifies love, affection, and loyalty.  

 High-Health Formula gives you faith in yourself and others.  Formulated for the 3rd Chakra of the Navel, the herb if used correctly will fight feelings of inadequacy and remove barriers to bring forth new confidence in loving those around you. 


Day 3. Chandraghanta symbolizes beauty and bravery.  

 Hi-Health Formula brings bravery to your body mind.  Turmeric's powerful ingredient curcumin fights bloating and inflammation, which when un-treated, throws the body mind into a compromised state and can breed feelings of giving up. 

Join us in celebration of Navaratri! Tradition says that worship of the Goddess Durga "Will bestow on you wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge and other potent powers to cross every hurdle of life" (About Religion).