Discover The Power Of Turmeric

Ancient Siddha texts reveal that Turmeric has the ability to cleanse the Chakras.They also cleanse the Subtle body, this facilitates the ability to perceive subtle energies.
Our body contains 72,000 nadis (Meridian Channels –invisible ) Turmeric cleans them so we can have a free flow of energy in the system.
In India especially South India Turmeric is always associated with women hygiene and health products. There is close relationship between Turmeric and estrogen cycle because they have a chemical component called Curcumin a phytoestrogen molecule- weak estrogen mimicking molecule present in plant source.
In spiritual terms Turmeric helps you to connect to the divine feminine aspect of your higher self. Turmeric is also associated with awareness of prosperity and it helps to cultivate the feelings towards it.
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