6 Ways To Heal The Post-Holiday Blues

We just made it through the big holidays, including Christmas. For many, there’s a certain “high” that comes with the holidays. We break our work routines and spend time with family. We may over-indulge in yummy food and drink. Before we know it, it’s time for the daily grind again.

If you find your mood dropping as you re-enter your routine, or cabin fever starts to kick in, try some of the ideas below. Even if you have big plans for New Year’s Eve, you can do some of these things now get back to your normal routine more easily.

Tips for Easing the Post-Holiday Blues

  • Ease yourself back into your routine. Don’t go too crazy with a to-do list. Take care of the essentials, but go easy on yourself if you don’t get through everything.
  • Create some tech-free time. Emails never seem to stop coming. Don’t be overwhelmed and feel like you have to answer them all right away. Schedule some time for meditation, physical activity or outdoor adventures. These will be times when you’re not checking gadgets.
  • Increase your light exposure. Some of your post-holiday blues may be due to lack of sunlight. You can take care of this by getting out for walks more often, during the daylight hours of course. You can also use a light box. Depending on how much you’re bundled up, it may not do much for your vitamin D levels. Most people are deficient in his hormone, especially in the winter. You can take supplements for that.

  • Add some fun time to your calendar. The party’s not over yet. Give yourself some things to look forward to. Examples include hikes with friends, weekend journeys to places you’ve always wanted to visit, trips to the dog park or throwing an MLK Day or Presidents’ Day party. Having things to look forward to can put you in a better mood.
  • Record your fond holiday moments in a journal. If you don’t already journal, this is a good time to start. Studies have revealed that writing what you’re grateful for can make you happier. What were your favorite holiday moments? Write them down. You can also write thank you letters for the fun times you had. You can send them out to the people you shared those moments with or burn them. Another fun thing to make is a photo scrapbook for capturing positive memories.
  • Add Turmeric to lift your mood. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial herb that protects both the liver and the brain. It also improves moods through the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of curcuminoids. Shreem Brzee Formula is our latest Turmeric blend, and it’s phoneme infused™ with the wealth mantra, Shreem Brzee. This mantra eliminates poverty consciousness and attracts wealth. It contains black pepper extract with a standardized form of piperine, a compound that increases the amount of curcuminoids your body uses by up to 20 times.

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