3rd Eye Chakra 101

Are chakras spiritual "woo - woo", or can I get some practical benefit from my chakras? Read on and we’ll show you how to make tuning into your 3rd eye chakra your secret weapon. 
Charkas live in our "subtle body" also known as the astral body and in Buddhism its known as the rainbow body. The subtle body, according to esoteric and mystical teachings, is about 2 or 3 inches outside your physical bodySaints from the Yogic lineage in India discovered how to manipulate their chakras by meditating and taking special herbs with sound infusion. They could (and still can) manifest objects and even help someone's health in a moment's notice. 
The sixth or “ 3rd EYE CHAKRA”  is the gateway of our creativity, imagination, and intuition..among other things. The Sanskrit name for the sixth chakra is Ajna -- meaning perception beyond ordinary sight --  also known as your “sixth sense. We've designed an vibrational supplement using sounds to awaken and cleanse the 3rd eye chakra. The herb is highly studied by scientists to be a memory boosting herb. This herb has a deep relationship spiritually with the 3rd eye and its called Bacopa.  Information from ancient Tamil texts pair specific herbs with the perfect mantra sound to "tune" the herb.  Our herbal supplement, carefully crafted with sound ("phoneme infused") is Hi Memory Formula.  
By taking Hi Memory you may find the following extraordinary benefits in your day to day life: 
  1. You know what your friend or lover is going to say before they say it...i.e. you can read minds.
  2. Your speech becomes powerful. You are convincing and when you talk...well..people listen. This is a huge confidence booster and many people suffer in life when they are not heard; it goes along with not being seen.
  3. Be the person who has the out of box, amazingly creative solution that could make money, save money or simply just get you and others out of jams. This could make you quite popular! 

The 3rd eye chakra is associated with the pituitary gland and its known to "govern" the gland that is deeply set in the mid brain, the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a bit of mystery and some scientists think that we can actual see from the pineal gland as it has cones and rods just like the physical eye that we see with. This area of the brain helps in communication and creative ability. 

Location: center of the forehead, between the eyes. 

Color: indigo   Element: light 

Organs: eyes, nose, ears, sinus, cerebellum and central nervous system. When the 3rd eye chakra is in balance your mind is clear, calm and focused.   You are in touch with your intuition -- your “higher guidance” --  have good memory and you ’re able to learn and retain new information more easily.  You may also enjoy improved eyesight, a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and renewed powers of imagination creativity.
Signs of a 3rd eye chakra out of balance include poor memory, lack of focus, vision problems, headaches, sleep disorders, lack of clarity, egotism, blocked creativity and lack of insight and intuition. 

Hi-Memory, our 3rd Eye chakra supplement restores the connection between mind and soul. The brain is an organ constantly engaged and working without rest. Bacopa soothes the nervous system, playing a role in memory and focus-boosting qualities. The use of bacopa for mental and emotional health is well-supported by both ancient and western medical systems. This is why BACOPA is the main ingredient of our HI-MEMORY FORMULA, which is carefully formulated for optimizing and tuning chakra balance. 

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Yoga for 3rd eye chakra:
Childs pose: 
Come down to childs pose, bend forward and touch your forehead to the floor. Stretch your hands in front as shown in the figure below. Close your eyes and breathe softly. 

Seated meditation:  Find yourself in a comfortable seated position on the floor. Close your eyes, rub your hands together to generate heat on your palms. Place your palm on your eyes and feel the warmth of the palm. Once you lose the heat, repeat once more.