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We hope you have great plans for Father's Day. This is a quick note to remind you about the Enlightenment Formula sale that runs through Father's Day USA Pacific Time.

Dr. Pillai teaches that each medicinal herb is connected with a God or Goddess. This is taught in ancient Hindu and Greek traditions and worldwide.  Eclipta Alba is connected with Shiva. Shiva represents evolution, transcendent awareness and karma removal. Eclipta Alba helps you remove karma by connecting you with the subconscious mind.

You may notice when taking it that Eclipta Alba enhances awareness and makes it easier to meditate. When the mind settles, mental debris and negative chatter come to the surface of the mind to be purified.

Because karma is determined by a set of subconscious thought patterns. Eclipta Alba helps you purify those patterns, and this heals your karma.

Karma removal lasts forever, and that makes it a perfect gift for Dad or anyone else. Every day is a good day to honor your dad, so it's not too late to get Eclipta Alba for the Father's Day sale price.

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