4 Important Tips For Increasing Abundance

For greater in flow of abundance and money, a few last lessons learned and successful practices, from me.  Two tips today..and 2 more tomorrow. 

1. Don’t get hung up on decisions. From the best selling book, The Secrets of Productivity, by Charles Duhigg, he mentions, “The people that are most productive, they’re the ones who recognize that making a decision isn’t about a binary success or failure; it’s about conducting an experiment –  they learn to see their choices as experiment.” Even if a decision is a wrong one, there is always a learning that will help things go faster for you.  Remember the words of Dr. Pillai, “It’s Never Over".
2. Don’t try to re-create the wheel. I fall in this trap all the time. Look to ideas that you know work and build off of that. Focus on what you know. Going overboard in an area that you don’t know can lead to too much work for you and your team. And it doesn’t necessarily work in the end.  This doesn’t mean you don’t try something new, in bite size chunks with a foundation on something you know well.
3. Persistence.   
Studies on CEO brains show that those who are persistent, even in the face of adversity are the most successful in businesses.  By setting goals and walking them hard, you train your mind to be positive. The brain's ability to adapt to new thinking is called Neuroplasticity.  In recent studies, Turmeric has been linked to advancing neuroplasticity in human brains.  Tip: Have a resilience role model or role models and listen or read their war stories...this will be tremendously uplifting for you. Personally, I like the thought that Universe is looking out for me.  And since I’m not omniscient, I have to put my Faith in a compass and I choose to use God as my compass.  Also, HI-Health is formulated with sounds for FAITH. 
4. Self Awareness.  
If you are at all spiritual this can be your winning card. If you know your strengths and weaknesses you assess your Intuitions better.  You will know which Intuitions to follow and which ones to discard or ask someone else to carry forward.  Be brutally honest -  this is your winning card with money.