2 Important Tips For Boosting Wealth

Find opportunities by changing your thoughts. If you think you'll make a dollar, you'll only make a dollar. Look at how you can offer value and how your passions align with value. 

Here are two important tips in boosting wealth: 

  • Ask for help. I’m a big fan of prayer/setting intentions for one simple reason: it works. Say to yourself, you want it now. Taking the herbs along with your affirmation will put more energy there. This worked as I stood before the Nambunayaki statue at her shrine in India (goddess for whom Nambu Botanicals is named). I received an answer and a whole lot of other insights, too!

  • Plan. Think through and find shortcuts to making the money. It may be extra money on the side, or receiving your paycheck more frequently. It may not all come at once but you’ll certainly find a way to get it sooner than what you’ve been experiencing.

Once you master these tips, look at your bank account at the end of the month. Did you improve? What did you do differently? What habits manifested more wealth?

I want to hear how it’s going – send me an email at support@nambubotanicals.com if you wish to share.