2 Game-Changing Habits To Maximize Your Spirituality

I want to share my most rewarding changes made during the #FinancialFreedomChallenge. First, I had a realization that throughout my whole life, I’ve gained big strides, only when I made my spiritual practice my #1 priority. These 2 changes were (and are) fulfilling and game-changing:

  1. Get up on or before 5:00am, take a shower and chant and pray. No matter what time I went to bed. This is the divine time and the only time where work and other responsibilities don’t crowd in on me.
  2. Pray hard and often… like it’s my only shot at success and only God is going to make it happen..of course with a little action from myside.  I pray for what I specifically want financially every hour and I pray to be guided down the right path.  This gives me great hope.  Not 1 day slipped by where I didn’t have an insight on how to approach things differently or a financially successful outcome.  

Each day leading up to the end of the challenge (4 more days), I’ll send along techniques and strategies – hope they're helpful!  Remember, "it’s never too late to start"...this is direct quote from Dr. Pillai.

  • Capture your notes by hand – Through handwriting we have to think more and actually learn more. 
  • Set Goals -  Keep, a.) to-do list and b.)  notes about what you want to accomplish.  Keeping these 2 things you can set your priorities.  And don’t forget to write them  (not type them),  I’ve found they’re easier to put into action if I do.
  • Delegate – I’ve found that if responsibility and empowerment (even if it’s a pat on the back or emotionally uplifting comment) is given to the person who is closer to the problem, they will do a much better job at solving it than I.  Also it reduces my own “control freak” tendencies.