There Is A Goddess Behind Our Herbs

She is the Goddess of herbs and healing.  She is a miracle healer who heals people through her mantras, herbs and blessings.

She is Nambunayaki.

Dr.Pillai recounts one of his first memories of the Goddess from his childhood: “...I remember going to my family temple on my mother’s side. We had to really walk a long distance, because it was a jungle at that time, and then pass through a pool of water, like a lake......sometimes the water would be up to the chest and sometimes up to the neck. I remember all that, and that was my mother’s temple.”

Dr Pillai then goes on to explain “This Goddess came to this earth plane several billions of years ago. To make a long story short, when my mother was born, she almost died. My grandfather who was the village officer took my mother (who was then a baby) and my grandmother and left them both at this Nambunayaki temple for a month. He told the Goddess “Now this baby is not going to survive. It is up to you to see whether to keep the baby alive or not, I have surrendered. If the baby survives, she will be called Nambu!” Suffice to say, the baby was healed.

Years later when Dr. Pillai decided to create a herbal company with a difference, he decided to name it Nambu Botanicals, in honour of the Goddess.

Beth Desmaris, who is an American student of Dr. Pillai, is the co-founder of Nambu Botanicals.  Beth has been fortunate to form a close relationship with the Goddess Nambunayaki, and has nurtured and developed her own healing abilities through empowerments, diligent spiritual practice and direct transmissions from the Goddess. Very aptly, Beth’s spiritual name is also “Nambunayaki”!

Dr. Pillai’ has also revealed a story passed down orally through the generations about his family temple -- it goes like this:  The land surrounding the temple had several springs that were known to have medicinal value. Long time ago two sages gained many powers during their practices of purification at the temple and started to provide healing to people who came to them for help.   It is said that they remain there to this day in their ethereal bodies, serving those who need help.

It is also said that a king became ill and made the long trek to the temple hearing of the Goddess and her power to grant miracle healings. His brothers mocked him but he did not lose faith in the Goddess.  He came in search of the Goddess and experienced a miraculous healing but strangely his brothers then fell ill.  There is a saying “Nambunayaki Vananginal Vambikai” which means “No problem to those who trust in Nambunayaki.”

Similarly you won’t be disappointed when you place your trust in Nambu Botanicals for healing body, mind and soul.