How To Win More With Willpower, Discipline and Turmeric

It’s day 8 in my sugar- detox challenge, I have 22 more days and I love it!
- I’m losing Weight,
- I feel more Alive than I have for months,
- Finally, I get it!
Big bright light on my thoughts and actions that make me unconscious…particularly those having to do with money and time. I feel like new neural circuits are getting switched on that haven’t been used recently in my brain.  Seems like that’s what happens when you train your brain.  I’m training my brain to say "no" to emotionally driven cravings.

It's Easy to Increase Willpower Now
I haven’t dieted for more than 1 ½ days in a long while. And even though I know the secret to sticking with any course of action is Willpower, emotions still can win. With strong Willpower you can overcome rash emotional impulses. Willpower is really strong Faith in a result you want. Dr. Pillai engineered Hi-Health Formula with "Faith phonemes"

4 Ways Hi-Health Formula Helps Weight Loss
  1. Navel Chakra relates to gut instinct, willpower and confidence. Hi-Health is formulated for the Navel Chakra with specific phonemes. 
  1. Science links Curcumin to the Willpower and Wise Decision Making part of the Brain! The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain that gives us self-control and willpower. Several preclinical studies revealed that curcumin is able to increase neuronal development, survival and functioning in this area of the brain. Hi-Health literally super powers the brain for willpower.


3. Turmeric is referred to as the Golden Goddess in India. When called upon, the Hindu Goddesses give the gift of Taking Action and Setting Direction to the person offering the prayer.  Often with Goddess Lakshmi, Turmeric symbolizes wealth and abundance as well as nurturing. The Shakti power! 

4. Turmeric is a fat burner!  One of the more widely known benefits of turmeric is its ability to help the body burn fat. It’s recommended more and more as a dietary aid when trying to lose weight.

It turns out I was right about new brain connections re-firing. After some research, I found out that willpower is like a muscle—it can get exhausted by too much use, but like our physical muscles, researchers believe we might be able to strengthen our willpower by training it.

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Helping to bring "willpower" consciousness,