4 Simple Ways To Halt Aging

Lurking silently below the threshold of perceptible pain... the number one cause for aging, according to recent research, is inflammation. 

Inflammation can strike at any age and becomes more chronic after 45 years. Stay proactive and act on these three tips to beat aging: 

1. Avoid stress, it's a big inflammation trigger.  

  • Take time to meditate- even if it’s 5 mins. Or arrive early for an appointment/work and take 5 mins in the car to close your eyes and focus on a sound (Shreem Brzee). It makes a big difference.
  • Love and Grace - Tulsi- is not only a stress reliever but anxiety reliever too.  Anxiety occurs when we avoid doing something. Or is an obsessive thought that won't leave

2. Opt for natural sugars in berries rather than sugar and processed foods (most foods that come in a bag)

Every bite in berries and cherries offers heavy nutrition packed with inflammation-smashing antioxidants. Research has revealed the health benefits of berries for their health promoting impact on chronic illness, including tumor-related issues and age-related cognitive regression.
"Berry compounds work on multiple mechanisms in the body. They are hitting the pro-inflammatory processes and the central pathways linked with diseases..." states Navindra Seeram, assistant professor in the Bioactive Botanical Research Laboratory at the University of Rhode Island.
3. Limit alcohol consumption

  • This one I think you can figure out... In moderation.
  • Try a berry spritzer instead. :)

4.  Protect your skin from UV Rays By Using Sunscreen Daily

Curcumin in Turmeric is the most powerful anti-oxidant in an herb, so no wonder it has been used for years to halt aging in Eastern religions.  Hi-Health Formula can nip the inflammatory chain reaction in the bud and also give you abundance consciousness too!