Survive and Thrive During Mars Retrograde


The planets control your karma and even dole it out. You can change your karma by taking an herb… which also remedies the planet.” ~ Dr. Pillai, Founder of AstroVed


Dr. Pillai comes from the Siddha lineage, and he mentions that a retrograde planet is closer to the Earth and it’s energy is easier to access. Mars, the planet of taking action, started its 80 days of being in retrograde motion on April 17th, and will continue until June 29th.

Mars is an important planet for getting things done, so we all need a strong Mars. The energy of Mars allows you to “Think Outside the Box,” to be a master of rules and not a slave to rules. This is an essential quality for winning: in sports, in business, in life. It’s the energy that gives you leadership abilities and excellent management skills. It forces that which is dormant inside to come to the surface. Hence, Mars is essential for enabling you to manifest your dreams into physical reality.

We All Need a Strong Mars

To live a powerful life, you need Mars. But when Mars is physically and energetically closer to the Earth, the possibility for aggression and even violence is also increased. So, while Mars is in retrograde motion, his energy will be extra volatile. Therefore, safeguarding from flare-ups and being impulsive is important.

An analogy I like is: If you have ever been on a sailboat, you’ve experienced the boat sailing much faster in windy weather. But it's trickier to handle the sails. However, getting that gust of wind can make you go faster than you ever dreamed of. This is like Mars retrograde. If you catch the wind and maintain balance, then you can really move fast.

Now, it’s true that astrological scriptures warn against undertaking new ventures during a Mars retrograde time period. Projects backfire, plans go off course or lose the steam to succeed, but 2½ months is a really long time to wait and not make important decisions.

Waiting is a Waste of Time... 

We have a way to help you catch the Mars retrograde gust of wind. The Navel Chakra is related to Mars, and we have a sound-infused Siddha formula that can help you balance the chakra and the planet Mars, allowing you to take maximum advantage of this time. By accessing the pool of energy located at the Navel Chakra, you will acquire a new level of balance and composure, enabling you to deal effectively with fast-moving, high-pressure situations.  

Dr. Pillai calibrated Hi-Health for the Navel Chakra with the secret sounds that will help Mars work for you with balance and strength.

Hi-Health Formula is turmeric with black pepper. This special pepper makes the curcumin in turmeric thousands of times more absorbent in the blood, making it even more effective as an antioxidant, which helps you maintain healthy joints, particularly by curbing inflammation with its powerful, scientifically-proven anti-inflammatory properties.  

  1. Take Hi-Health with consciousness and get the most out of the herb. Hold an intention or prayer in your mind when you take the capsule.
  2. Pay attention to Mars ruled hours in the day. Use his chant, Om Mangalaya Namaha, during Mars horas. Check the homepage of to find Mars hours.
  3. Visualize a circle of orange-red color at the Navel Chakra. Then, ask for willpower with balance, confidence, strength, and the ability to get things done productively.

The Navel Chakra is the area of your body where you hold your gut instinct, your confidence and self-assurance. We all need boosting in this area from time to time, whether it's a public speech, mustering up the confidence to tell someone how you feel about them, or making that much-needed career move. Mars will not only help you get out of bed in the morning, it will also give you the will to seize the day and the confidence and courage to take on any and all challenges, no matter how insurmountable, whether it’s a huge debt, a failing business, or a health crisis.

Taking sound-infused Hi-Health Formula on a regular basis can give you the extra energy, courage, and willpower to live a life that is more fulfilling. You can change this period of Mars retrograde from missed opportunity and frustration to seeing your projects completed faster than you ever thought possible.

 By Beth DesMarais & Michael Mulloy