The Power of Goal Setting for Financial Freedom

The brain is a goal-seeking organ. Whatever goals you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve.

One Goal is Not Enough
Dr. Pillai mentions to have 3 goals:
Short term  - 30 days,
Mid term - 6 months,
Long term - 2 years-ish.    

To make sure your goal has power, it must be stated in a way that others can measure.

 Good  Bad
 I want to make $10,000 by June 28th.  I want to make more money.

I Want It Now – How to Speed up Your Money
3 questions to ask yourself that will help you to increase your money faster:
  1. How much do I want to make?
  2. By when?
  3. How can I make it sooner?
Write it Out, in Detail
If you write it out, your subconscious mind will know what to work on.  

A little secret that may seem crazy, but has worked for a lot of people in the to write your goal with Shreem Brzee at least 9 times a day (but 27 times a day could work that much better).

Example:  Make $10,000 by June 28th Shreem Brzee (x number of times)