Put Love and Grace in Your Life in One Small Step

By Lalitha Devi

Have you ever wished for a pill that can make you feel more love? Not that toxic and excited state that often ends in pain, but the deeply sweet and satisfying condition of falling in love for a lifetime and with the right person.

When Dr. Pillai founded Nambu Botanicals, he felt that there was a white page to be written in the field of ‘spiritual’ botanicals.

“God is love,” said Dr. Pillai about life’s most sought after feeling. This statement adds a formidable dimension to the well-known saying, “Love is God.”

Needless to say, we all want love, we seek love and every living being needs love.

Why is love so compelling? Probably because this heartwarming condition has embodied universal truth since the beginning of time. But that’s not all.

To answer this complex question, we could look at the abundant spiritual literature throughout history.

Intoxicatingly divine poems have been authored by St. John of the Cross, Rumi, Gnana Sambandar, Ramalingam, Saint Francis of Assisi, Mirabai, Saint Teresa of Avila and many more.

Add the countless writings on romantic love and you get the idea that very little else has captured so completely people’s imagination, heart and spirit.

Remarkably, despite the many books that celebrate it, love remains sublime—no amount of written or spoken words can fully capture it.

To help you improve your life and bring you perfect love, Dr. Pillai has conceived a new product, Love and Grace, made with Tulsi, a Siddha herb with the power to activate your heart chakra.

Dr. Pillai has also enhanced this botanical with special sounds to bring you a more sublime experience that colors your life and takes you into a calm state of increased awareness.

Dr. Pillai calls these secret seed syllables phonemes. They make Tulsi more effective on all levels—the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Below is Dr. Pillai’s explanation of true love

“I want to introduce to you an herb that will promote love and grace. It comes from the Siddha and Vedic traditions.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicines practiced on the earth plane. It comes from India.

Siddha medicine is also practiced in India and is an improvement on Ayurveda.

“Its practitioners are gurus, yogis and accomplished mystics. They brought these herbs from other galaxies.

“If you look at ethno botany [the science of the connection between people and plants] and mythology, you’ll see that these herbs came from other galaxies.

“Or rather, the herbs were living beings who became plants. They were Gods and Goddesses who came to Earth to save humanity.

“Look at what plants do—they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This was prearranged by the Gods to help humanity.

“So plants are our saviors.

“Tulsi, which is in Love and Grace, is my favorite. This herb’s original name was Vrinda.

“Vrinda was a woman who loved extremely well, but not wisely. She loved too much, but not wisely enough. This is an expression that I got from Shakespeare’s “Othello.” You have to love wisely.

“The herb has a story of loving wisely."



Love and Grace

Holy Basil known as Tulsi, combats the body’s negative reaction to stress. As a powerful powerful adaptogen (herbal ingredient), the herb lowers cortisol, a chemical in the adrenals. Tulsi, goes beyond stress to fight anxiety, the emotion that arises with stress.

Vrinda’s story

“There was a woman called Vrinda who loved her demon husband too much.

“By nature, a woman represents power. Even a human woman represents power. That’s why she’s called Shakti. A man’s success depends on the woman, particularly if she loves the man dearly.

“In this case Vrinda loved her demon husband totally. But this demon was very evil and went about destroying people. So the Gods decided to kill him, but they couldn’t because Vrinda’s love protected him from all their weapons.

“So the Gods came up with a strategy to dissuade Vrinda from loving her husband.

“One day the demon was fighting with Lord Siva, one of the higher Indian Gods. During that time, Vishnu, another higher God, decided to go and dissuade Vrinda.

“Vishnu appeared before Vrinda in the form of her husband, the demon Jalandhara, and told her that he had won the battle with Siva.

“So Vrinda stopped chanting the name of Vishnu, which had been protecting her husband. But when she stopped chanting, Siva took the opportunity to kill Jalandhara.

“When she came to know about the trickery, Vrinda cursed Vishnu. ‘Now that you have tricked me, you’ll become a stone.’ Vishnu then became a stone called Shaligram.

“Siva then came and told Vrinda: ‘You are the sum total of the feminine power. There’s nothing more powerful than the feminine. But the problem was that you loved too much, but not wisely.’ I’m quoting Shakespeare here.

“Tulsi is a perfect herb for most women because they love too much, but not wisely.

“Siva told Vrinda: ‘You will become a plant and the symbol of great love, devotion and dedication to God. This will be your power.’

“So what this means, symbolically, is that if you consume Love and Grace, you will love wisely and with a great amount of power, unconditionally and uninterruptedly.