How To Detoxify Thoughts: The Importance of Listening To Your Gut

You have to detoxify your mind to make leaps in your money. The only place we go wrong is in our thoughts, decision-making and emotions which lead us to negative thinking.   

Identify the toxic thoughts which lead to non-productive thinking - which is affecting financial flow!  Hi-Health, with sound infusion, detoxifies our energy body which holds onto our thought patterns. Since Hi-Health is a detoxifier in all ways -  chakra, body … religiously even … it's one powerful herb! 

A little detoxifying that’s going on for #FinancialFreedom Challenge...

1. Being a Victim. This one feels like you are the bad one and can’t change.  It's sometimes accompanied with an occasional feeling of hopelessness. This is a pattern. A change in consciousness can get rid of it.  Hi-Health Formula works on the chakra that is confidence and will power, and can help remove this victim business and give you the gumption to rise above.

“With the power of God, I am releasing these feelings!”

2. Guilt. Guilt is relational. It is about relating to people and events.

“I am releasing those individuals who are putting a ‘guilt trip’ on me.”

3. Blame. Whenever you blame others, you lose your power and bring your helplessness.  
“I am not blaming anyone.”

I recently learned from Dr. Pillai that my success is controlled by my gut. The Gut Instinct. I checked myself and found that what I feel first ... is usually what turns out to be successful!  Dr. Pillai mentioned that if you have a negative thought in your brain, even the gut response wins over the brain and is more powerful for manifesting.

I have found that my gut is more powerful than my mind. Phone calls, projects, sending an email at a particular time, even the lane I choose at the toll both is better managed through my gut.  There is proof of a gut–brain connection.  The nervous system linked to our digestive tract, can actually run without help from the brain. And many studies show that big emotional shifts occur when the digestive system is not working properly.

Chemistry = Consciousness

After hearing Dr. Pillai, I went on investigating... the good micro-organisms in our gut secrete a lot of chemicals, and researchers have found that they are the same chemicals used by our neurons to communicate and regulate mood, like dopamine and serotonin.  Dopamine and serotonin put us in a good mood and keep us positive and hopeful. I’ve found that good moods control my actions and motivate me to take actions and look for positive outcomes.

What is your gut telling you to do? Listen to your intuition and allow it to speak to you. Living in abundance begins with thinking in abundance. 

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