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How Can Turmeric Help Make You Money? 

It's not as crazy a thought as it may seem. 

In the East, Turmeric is strongly linked with the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. The vibrant orange-yellow powder is used to ward of negativity; it's a positivity magnet. Tumeric is offered as a gift to the goddess, sometimes ingested, worn as a paste or even a necklace (turmeric root is tied with a string and worn as necklace around Goddess Lakshmi's neck on her statue.

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Hi-Health Formula

Say “Buh-Bye” to painful joint inflammation, puffy eyes, face and legs with Hi-Health Formula. Tumeric, Hi-Health’s potent ingredient, has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for pain relief, inflammation and amazing anti-oxidant benefits.

Karma is hard to measure. It's stored in your thoughts and your genes. Your genes literally think. According to Dr. James Gimzewsk they also emit sound and communicate with one another!

That's why sound-infused Siddha herbs are so effective: they work on the body at the cellular level to change our thoughts, actions and what we attract. I guess the Siddhas have known this for years, and that's why all their remedies have sound vibrations...

For thousands of years, Turmeric has been given to Lakshmi and her husband, Vishnu, as the herb to invite wealth and children (representing abundance) into the gift-givers life.

Even the original elephant-headed God, Ganesha, was made out of Turmeric before his mother, Parvati, birthed him in divine form.

Turmeric's energy is 100% pure and for this reason is revered to attract gold, money and abundance.


We're kicking off a 49-day#FinancialFreedomChallenge from May 2nd through June 19th!

The #FinancialFreedomChallenge will have a fair chance of working in your life and give a boost to your money karma, if you "play by the rules of the Divine".

What does that mean? Its simple, it means you use meditation or chanting to achieve a goal.

  1. Each time you take Hi-Health, say your goals. As a positivity magnet, the herb can help your intentions manifest. By taking the herb with consciousness,effects are far more than simply a healthy, anti-inflammatory response.
  2. Shreem Brzee is the special sound given to Dr. Pillai by a king turned yogi through ancient palm leaves. Shreem Brzee has supernatural manifesting abilities when you tune your energy-body's vibration to this sound.

Set goals and follow them, but be realistic. Join here and we'll help! 

Our hypothesis: If you commit to taking phoneme infused Hi-Health for 49 days (or longer) and apply the other suggestions of #FinancialFreedomChallenge, it's possible you could experience a positive shift in your money.

Turmeric is associated with Shakti, the divine energy that is responsible for ACTION! If you've got the Shakti, then you're unstoppable in anything you put your mind to!

Here's to freeing up your funds!