Sun in Aries: 3 Ways to Great Health, Wealth and Higher Consciousness

By Lalitha Devi

Despite a full plate of chores, plans and goals, many reach the end of a long workday feeling dissatisfied or frustrated with the results.

Often a lack of time is an obstacle to success, but more often the problem is a shortage of energy that robs us of luster and drive—a phenomenon now affecting millions. Blame it on stress, pollution or lack of proper nutrition.

But here’s the good news—according to the sidereal calendar, the Sun will move through Aries (Apr. 13 - May 14) and will begin the Vedic New Year. This is a formidable energy that yogis knew since primordial time, as it favors lucky beginnings in all endeavors—on both the material and the spiritual planes.

Even more importantly, Dr. Pillai has revealed that this New Year will be like nothing we’ve seen before—a time of profound transformation for humanity, which will lead to the realization of an entire invisible world filled with powerful, divine beings.

The Sun’s magnified power will turn into a springboard to a happier life for you and those who will connect with this unique energy.

Plus, the benefits of an extremely strong Sun in this sign of fresh starts and leadership will include a number of other—less known—boons.

So as the most important Vedic New Year begins, learn how the Sun in Aries will better your life on three levels, simultaneously, and why ancient yogis awaited this time with so much anticipation.

1. Physical Level

Sunlight and its effects on your body change depending on the time of the year. The Sun in Aries brings a window of opportunity for a complete renewal of nature and humans alike.

The mighty Sun in this sign of the planet Mars embodies the highest energy. Because energy slumps can stop your achievements, you’ll be happy to feel this energy boost that will spill into every aspect of your life.

Mars is the planet ruling the Navel Chakra. This is also referred to as the Solar plexus area! Hi-Health with Turmeric & phonemes to balance Sun and Mars means you can take ultimate advantage of the force of these planets in their exalted position.

Even the the yogis knew that the Sun controls your hormonal levels, your digestion and your sleep patterns. Poor sleep quality is linked to diabetes and heart disease, say modern scientists.

Your healthy vision, too, depends on sunlight.

According to medical doctors from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and a study published by the British Journal of Ophthalmology in 2008, “Photoreceptors [in the eyes] play a vital role in human physiology and health.” The positive results of this process can be seen throughout the entire body.

Your skin can also benefit from the sun’s healing rays, which have been found to prevent skin cancer in recent research. Many already know that these powerful rays help produce vitamin D in your body to keep your bones and teeth healthy. However, even more significant, the sun strengthens your immune system and improves your brain functions.

But that’s not all.

In past millennia, in fact, the yogis of India advocated the benefits of early-morning sun exposure as a main source of vitality and higher intelligence.

Yogis from the Siddha tradition of Tamil Nadu researched sunlight and the human brain and and selected a multitude of herbs for anti-aging, well-being and happiness. This knowledge was strictly reserved for initiates.

During this month-long transit, you’ll access an exceptionally powerful energy for boosting your vitality and intelligence of the body—a prerequisite even for spiritual evolution.

Today, the only public representative of these secretive yogis is Dr. Pillai. His formulas for Nambu Botanicals reflect a massive body of this millennial knowledge.

2. Psychological Level

Limitations are self-created. And here, too, entire branches of modern psychology agree with the findings of ancient yogis.

After all, the ancient seers employed their complete focus on both inner and outer realities to acquire accurate information on the workings of the mind, the cosmos and humans’ unused super powers.

A strong Sun, the traditional ruler of the left brain, infuses you with its own powers of positivity, focus to succeed, and service to a higher cause to benefit yourself, your loved ones and even humanity.

Your higher intelligence will be awakened at this time when you connect with the Sun’s energy. Dr. Pillai recommends meditation for stilling the mind and retrieving your joy and peace of mind.

Between April 13 and May 14, the pure light of consciousness will greatly increase and expand your knowledge and wisdom. You will benefit also through a connection with your inner self—the highest possible intelligence that is latent in you and every human being.

This process will significantly change your thought process, increase your self-esteem and even your material wealth.

In fact, wealth is the result of your conscious and subconscious thoughts. If you can conceive it in your mind, you’ll experience it in tridimensional form, says Dr. Pillai.

Supercharged light brings an end to struggle, too. Grief, for example, is considered a lack of light among the yogis. Sad emotions can be changed with various techniques of meditation as well as with sound-enhanced herbs. These are ancient and effective tools that can potentially stop today’s widespread depression and bring you financial wealth.


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3. Spiritual Level

Spiritual progress is the result of divine grace and doesn’t depend on human efforts alone.

A powerful Sun in Aries at this time of our planetary cycle will take many to an effortless state of enlightenment and higher knowledge—leading to heightened awareness of the Divine.

Meditation on the Sun, with the help of traditional yogic sounds—such as the Gayatri Mantra—at this time, will change your perception from a physical and limited reality to an expanded experience of the self.

Through the fire of consciousness—or Agni, as the ancient Indian seers called it—your evolution will speed up.

To facilitate your evolution and bring you blissful experiences, Dr. Pillai has selected some compounds used by the Siddhas to acquire super powers. He has made them available to you through Nambu Botanicals. These products were empowered to shift your consciousness and allow you to tap into your highest potential.

Enjoy your new, brighter and more successful self!

The information on this page is intended to serve as a reference guide only according to yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology. The meditations, practices, recipes and techniques described herein are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for professional medical treatment and care.