Learn about two powerful herbs for your spring and autumn equinox detox program. They are both used in Tamil Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine

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“The prerequisite for success is love. Love is supreme intelligence. You can win everything with love.”  ~Dr. Pillai

How’s your love life? How about the health of your relationships with your friends, family or co-workers?
With yourself? If you’re searching for love, there is an herb that can help.

Reboot your Love & Relationships
Discover the Herb for Love

Tulsi, or ‘Holy Basil’, chemically soothes the nervous system, and energetically, helps cleanse and open your heart chakra.

Your heart chakra is the subtle energy center of your body which allows you to feel love, compassion, and harmony. When your heart chakra is open, not only will you be full of love, you’ll be able to attract it. The love pouring through your heart chakra will manifest itself both within you and around you.

Tulsi is available in a number of different forms such as capsules, teas, and essential oils. However, Nambu Botanical’s Tulsi (Love & Grace Formula) is unique. We use a Siddha key-sound to unlock the nuclear potential of the herb, which dramatically enhances Tulsi’s already potent effects.

Do you attract?  Or, do you create?

Dr. Pillai says we really don’t attract; we only create. And, he says we create from the inside out.   

Everything originates from within us. Our partners, our education, our homes, our money, our poverty … everything.

So, in order to manifest our perfect partner, job or home, we must stop looking outside, and go within.  

How do we do that?

We need to get into a “divine mind” that doesn’t differentiate between the inner and the outer. When you acquire a divine mind there’s no difficulty manifesting.  

We accomplish this through meditation. Take time to meditate, and don’t worry about the external … it will take care of itself.  Listen to this teaching by Dr. Pillai:

Use phoneme-infused herbs to support your meditation practice. Sound-activated Love & Grace (tulsi) formula helps heal and empower your heart chakra, promoting compassion, love, and joy which you will radiate from the inside, out.   


Divine bliss! Experience this beautiful Tamil devotional song on Goddess Tripurasundari. The song is beloved by Dr. Pillai (he says it brings grace). 


Photo credit: @meganjoy.m
Welcome to Reboot Your Health, Week 3. In this module we’ll share an innovative approach to healing your mind and emotions using phoneme-infused herbs and sounds:  

“Happiness is the real nature of your being.”  ~ Dr. Pillai

Who doesn’t want to be happy?

If that sounds like a silly question, why do so many of us struggle with sadness, uncontrollable mood swings and stressful thoughts … and why are these negative emotions so damaging?

In a landmark study, researchers from UNC found that negative thoughts and emotions trigger your “survival instinct,” tricking your brain from seeing any options other than fear, anger or stress. Similarly, the study found that when you experience positive emotions like joy, laughter, and love you become more receptive to possibilities and -- better yet – the positive effects of these emotions last long after the feelings subside.

Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3156028

An upbeat mindset may be the most important indicator for the health of your body, your relationships, your work and your life.  

So why is positivity so difficult to practice?  

Unfortunately, many of us have trouble producing brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin that give us the feeling of joy and happiness. If this sounds like you, supplementing your diet with special, phoneme-infused herbs can help:

** Step One: Heal your mind and emotions with phoneme-infused Ayurvedic herbs and smart nutrients**
BACOPA (Hi-Memory Formula)
Master Ayurvedic Herb bacopa monnieri enhances clear thinking, learning and memory. The herb boosts dopamine and serotonin, and has been shown to improve cognition and reduce anxiety. Bacopa detoxifies and decalcifies the 3rd eye (pineal) chakra, the center for “out of the box” thinking and creativity. Prepare for “aha” moments!  
ECLIPTA ALBA (Enlightenment Formula)
Eclipta alba busts negative thought patterns. Known as a “cognitive enhancer,” Eclipta alba’s powerful antioxidant properties protect the brain and enhance learning and memory. This extraordinary herb also cleanses and illuminates the crown chakra, restoring feelings of joy and purpose in life. When the crown chakra is out of balance you may have obsessive thoughts, feel “stuck in the past” and unable to quiet your mind.
Vinpocetine is a “smart nutrient” that facilitates cerebral metabolism by improving blood flow throughout the brain, thereby increasing cellular energy. Benefits include improved attention, focus and performance and mood stabilization.  


“Some people somehow manage to create high self-esteem and they are the people who end up as Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings. They all have the highest self-esteem and the self-esteem comes from this sound.” ~ Dr. Pillai

STEP 3:  Access The Power Of The Divine

Today, I’m sharing a personal healing experience. One evening a couple of months ago, Dr. Pillai revealed a secret:  

"If you use the correct power sound with the right herb you will get your result."
The very next day, I had the opportunity to put his teaching into action. As I was going through my emails, a certain topic came up that is guaranteed to trigger anxiety, a pounding headache and in this case -- a full-on panic attack.
I needed to relax! A friend had mentioned she found Hi-Memory Formula so calming she only takes it in the evening. As I took 2 capsules I was suddenly moved to listen to a sound from one of Dr. Pillai’s YouTube videos. The sound was, “HREEM.”  
I curled up on the couch and fell into a divine slumber. It worked! 20 minutes later I awoke feeling calm, peaceful and refreshed. That big scary trigger no longer had me. I could see it all in perspective.  
The Takeaway
We need a chemical to interrupt strong thoughts and emotions. The herb Bacopa in Hi-Memory is perfect to ward off anxiety-driven fears. Also known as BrahmiBacopa literally means, “the energy responsible for all creative forces in the world.”

Dr. Pillai's power sound HREEM fills us with confidence and wards off doubt, fear and confusion. A dose of self-esteem was just what I needed to take control of my body-mind.   

We hope you’ve been inspired by this week’s BODY series. Next week we’ll reveal how herbs, sounds and spirituality can have a miraculous effect on your FINANCES. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” (Nikola Tesla)  

Why Sound?

When scientists were studying matter at the Quantum state – atoms, particles, quarks - they discovered that beyond matter are tiny vibrations which they call ‘strings’. They assert that these vibrations, or strings, are responsible for creating matter itself.

This echoes what the Yogic Savants have long known, that sound is the fundamental building block to matter.

Even in the Bible this concept is affirmed in the famous line: “In the beginning was the Word,” alluding to the idea that sound created the world.

While modern science is still in its elementary stages of this idea, the Yogis and Siddhas have a vast science dedicated to sound. They have systematically uncovered the sounds of creation, including sounds that heal the body.

Sound and the Body

“So sound creates matter – how does knowing that benefit me?”
For the purposes of this teaching, matter is your body. A disease, for example, is supported by a sound, or a collection of sounds. Similarly, health and vitality, that is a body without disease, are due to your body resonating with certain sounds.

The Takeaway:
To truly Reboot your body’s health, you have to address its sounds.
How can you do that?
There are two energy centers, also known as chakras, which can be targeted to clean up the health sounds of the physical body. They are the:
1) ROOT CHAKRA: Located at the base of the spine, of all the chakras, the root chakra resonates most with the physical world and is associated with physical energy.
    • Negative Symptoms: Fatigue, obesity, joint pain, water retention, constipation, lower-back pain, reproductive issues, and immune system troubles
    • Healing sound: NA is the phoneme the Siddha’s ascribed long ago to unlock the root chakra. The chakras spin. The direction and frequency of the spin are associated with how healthy the chakra is. Say NA and visualize a circle of red light in the root chakra. 
2. NAVEL CHAKRA: Located at the navel, this chakra is the center of your personal power, creativity, energy, confidence, self-esteem and sexual health.  
    • Negative Symptoms: Lethargy, lack of motivation or will power, sexual disorders, menstrual disorders, infertility, kidney and urinary tract infections, depression and digestion problems.
    • Healing sound: MA - use the sound MA at the navel chakra and visualize a large red-orange circle encompassing the lower body.
    • Healing Herbal Formula: Hi-Health (Use the code REBOOT at checkout to save 10% off your order for all of 2017)

    Step #1 - Reboot your Body.

    The health of your body is a necessity for leading a healthy life. If your body is healthy, it gives you the freedom and capacity to enjoy life to its fullest. If unhealthy, it can contribute not only to your physical suffering, but also your mental, emotional, and even spiritual suffering as well.

    That’s why in the first step of the Reboot Your Health Program, you are going to learn how to create whole-body healing and rejuvenation using sound-activated herbs.

    Herbal Medicine = Body Healing  

    Herbs and plants are the source of medicine, including even modern pharmaceuticals. However, conventional pharmaceuticals generally deliver a single active ingredient, often in a synthesized chemical form, disrupting the natural balance of the compounds within the plant. This is the cause of the many unwanted side-effects associated with modern drugs.

    Why Sound Makes Herbs More Powerful

    Several prominent scientists have demonstrated that plants are influenced by sound, such as causing them to grow faster, larger, and even altering their chemical makeup. Siddha Medicine, which is the foundation of Nambu Botanicals, discovered specific sounds, unique to each plant, which unlocks the nuclear potential of the plant. This, they discovered, dramatically increases the natural healing power of the plant, creating quite possibly the most powerful form of herbal medicine available.

     For more about Sound Research, visit here.

    Explore Sound-Activated Herbs  

    At Nambu Botanicals, two of our sound-activated herbal formulas specialize in healing the body:


    Eclipta alba is highly prized by Ayurvedic and Siddha practitioners for its diverse-range of health-giving powers. Also known as ‘false daisy’, modern researchers have conducted over 50 case studies showing that the plant aids in liver detoxification, cancer prevention, brain, heart, nervous system and eye health to name a few. It should come as no surprise then, that this wonder-herb is considered a Master Herb in Ayurvedic Medicine. For these reasons, we recommend you include sound-activated Eclipta Alba in your Reboot toolkit. 

    Cosmology:  Siddha Medicine Experts believe Eclipta Alba originated from a celestial being named ‘Shiva’. Additionally, the South-Indian Saint/Siddha, Swami Ramalingam, who turned his body into light in 1874, attributed his transmutation to the use of this amazing herb.


    A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, the vibrant yellow herb turmeric improves the health of the cell membranes, making us more resistant to infection and disease.  A veritable healing powerhouse, turmeric is proven effective in assisting a broad range of conditions, including women’s reproductive health issues, fat loss, detoxification and cognitive decline.

    Turmeric’s extraordinary healing properties have caught the attention of modern researchers, and as a result, the list of benefits continues to grow.  Renowned naturopath Dr. Andrew Weil says, “It appears the daily use of the spice turmeric is one reason elderly people in India have the lowest rates of Alzheimers disease in the world.”  

    Cosmology:  Ancient Siddha texts reveal turmeric has the ability to cleanse the chakras. Turmeric also cleanses the subtle body of dense negative energy, which enables the physical body to experience extraordinarily rapid healing.


    These two herbs, even prior to sound-activation, offer immense, holistic benefits for your body’s health, and could be considered indispensable tools for your Reboot-Your-Body tool kit.

    Week 1 Reboot Your Body Tips

    ✔  Supplement your diet with sound-activated Turmeric and Eclipta Alba (use the discount code ‘REBOOT’ to save 10% off your order for all of 2017)

    ✔  Incorporate more whole foods into your diet, and begin eliminating processed foods

    ✔  Become aware of, and avoid stress as much as possible

    ✔  Sleep at least 8 hours per night to help your body heal naturally

    ✔  Engage in regular exercise such as walking, yoga, or going to a gym

    Siddha Medicine, unique to Tamil Nadu in South India is an ancient form of care and healing which promotes health from within.   Siddha Medicine is health-oriented and Ayurveda is more disease-oriented, however both systems often overlap.

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    On Wednesday Feb. 1, 2017, our Founder Dr. Baskaran Pillai will be celebrating his birthday!  Dr. Pillai founded Nambu Botanicals in 2014 and our company has been growing ever since with his guidance and blessings. 

    The universal energies will be auspicious that day in helping you with your intention of getting a Light Body on that day! 

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    It’s the most spiritual time of year… so why can’t you feel it? Why isn’t your heart opening to receive the blissful, holy breath? The breath that illuminates your aura and bathes your soul in radiant light? Why can’t you, “get in the Spirit?”  

    Don’t despair. You will receive your gift. But you have to act and think a little differently. We can help.

    Consciousness is Chemistry”, says Dr. Pillai. This means, happiness, a positive attitude and motivation all create chemistry! And we have a natural way to enhance your chemistry and align you with the frequency of higher consciousness: phoneme-infused herbs.  

    There’s still time to ignite your spirit in time for the Holidays using our favorite combination of super-charged sacred herbs, simple rituals and Dr. Pillai’s miraculous meditation on the Holy Spirit
    Kick-Start Your Holiday Heart (by helping others).  Pick one each day:

    1. As you pull through the Starbucks drive-through, pay for the person behind you :)
    This happened to me and I loved it!

    2. Donate to a local charity or Goodwill shop. But don’t just bring old clothes. Donate an item that might be new, might be expensive, but doesn’t look good on you! Wrong color, uncomfortable fit? Give it to someone who could be enjoying it more :)

    3. Stop by a local church and inquire if there are families in need of a dinner and gifts this year? My mom did this when I was a teenager. We brought dinner and gifts to a family on Christmas day.  It was the best Christmas I ever had.

    4. Be the designated driver and don’t drink on a celebratory outing. Provide a valuable service to your family and friends.

    5. Put half your lunch aside for someone who might appreciate it.  Perhaps the security guard at work, or a friend stuck at the office?  Or, simply gift to a person in need.

    Holiday Spirit gets you into “Positive Thinking.”  WebMD launched a research study and found incredible things happen for those who think positively, “Lower rates of depression, greater resistance to the common cold, better psychological and physical well-being, better coping skills during times of stress, doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke in excess, exercises more, follows a healthy diet..”

    So don’t miss your chance to open your heart and receive amazing gifts this holiday season. It’s all about your journey and how to make it better every day.

    From now until December 15, 2016 we're offering 13% off the Love & Enlightenment Bundle. As a thank you, we'll also be sharing a special Holy Spirit meditation. Use code: StayHealthy

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with happiness and health! 

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