Happy Earth Day!  This holiday, founded in 1970, is a time to honor the Earth, keep Her free from litter and support policies and practices that keep Her ecosystem healthy. 

We’re celebrating this special day by offering you a free bottle of Nambu Herbs until midnight tonight. See the details below. 

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Nambu Botanicals has this little miracle supplement called Vinpocetine which is a derivative of the Periwinkle plant (Vinca minor)

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Are you tired too?

April 19, 2017

Is it just me or are you feeling tired lately too? I haven’t quite jumped into the season of spring yet. I don’t know if it’s daylight savings or that I’m still coming out of the slumber of winter hibernation mode. 

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 Happy New Year from Nambu Botanicals!

"The New Year is not January 1st. The real New Year is when the Sun enters Aries according to the Vedic Calendar, and that is April 14th. and why would we bother about this New Year? It is the time the Sun has maximum energy (exaltation), and this energy is a tremendous energy. It is intellectual energy, it is the energy of the soul, it is also abundant material energy and a joyous energy. All of these energies are available with the Sun, abundantly during this time."  

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“The story of Rama cannot be fathomed by human intelligence. Rama’s story is happening all the time in one galaxy or another. Rama sacrificed more than any Avatar, absorbing human suffering in totality. The 9th Waxing Moon (Rama Navami) is his birthday. Birthdays of Gods provide a link to them. Therefore, it is very important to meditate, worship or visit their temples on this day. Spend the 9th day thinking of Rama and praying to him.” - Dr. Pillai

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“The most beautiful and healing heart-shaped leaf..."




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New Herb of Many Benefits Available Now From Nambu Botanicals 

Nambu’s herbs are exotic and sometimes rare. Our herbs are empowered with a very subtle yet powerful energy. Herbal energy is unlocked through sound-activation. PHONEME INFUSION™ is our key proprietary ingredient. Guduchi has herbal energy in spades. Also known as Amrita - the ambrosia for immortality - this herb can bask the body, mind and throat chakra in the frequency of anti-aging. 

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"She's in charge of everything. That's why she's called Shakti. Shakti means power.” - Dr. Pillai

Spring 9 Nights of the Goddess, also known as Vasant Navaratri, begin Tuesday, March 28th. This is the time when the Divine Mother, in all her archetypal forms, reveals Her full compassion for human beings. It’s a very special time in India, but the “reason for the season” applies worldwide. The Goddess is everywhere and within you, and within your medicinal herbs. 

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Learn about two powerful herbs for your spring and autumn equinox detox program. They are both used in Tamil Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine

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“The prerequisite for success is love. Love is supreme intelligence. You can win everything with love.”  ~Dr. Pillai

How’s your love life? How about the health of your relationships with your friends, family or co-workers?
With yourself? If you’re searching for love, there is an herb that can help.

Reboot your Love & Relationships
Discover the Herb for Love

Tulsi, or ‘Holy Basil’, chemically soothes the nervous system, and energetically, helps cleanse and open your heart chakra.

Your heart chakra is the subtle energy center of your body which allows you to feel love, compassion, and harmony. When your heart chakra is open, not only will you be full of love, you’ll be able to attract it. The love pouring through your heart chakra will manifest itself both within you and around you.

Tulsi is available in a number of different forms such as capsules, teas, and essential oils. However, Nambu Botanical’s Tulsi (Love & Grace Formula) is unique. We use a Siddha key-sound to unlock the nuclear potential of the herb, which dramatically enhances Tulsi’s already potent effects.

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