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Guduchi Formula Description

  • Guduchi is a powerful, anti-aging botanical. Also known as Amrit -- a Sanskrit word meaning “imperishable” -- Guduchi is revered in Ayurvedic medicine as a potent, “ambrosial nectar.”

    Guduchi is an intelligent, adaptogenic herb that keeps the immune system in perfect balance.

    Use Guduchi to:

    • Boost the immune system whenever you feel over-tired, run down and need support to fight colds and infections.
    • Calm an over-active, malfunctioning immune response to food, dust, insects and other allergens. Soothe stuffy noses, watery eyes, rashes and more serious bodily responses.

    Key Benifits

    • Immune and sinus support
    • Supports proper function of the liver and kidneys
    • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
    • Supports digestion and a healthy balance of intestinal flora
    • Supports comfortable movement of joints

    Formulated For The Throat Chakra

    Nambu’s phoneme-infused Guduchi is formulated to detox and strengthen the Throat Chakra. The nourishing, ambrosial nectar purifies the connection between the heart and mind, easing communication and empowering us to speak our Truth.

  • What Makes Phoneme-Infused Guduchi So Special:

    Nambu infuses Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) with specific sound vibrations that bring the Amrit - the nectar - alive!

    Guduchi has the capability to live entirely on the energy in air! This extraordinary, resilient plant can thrive without the need for fire, water, or earth.

    According to ancient Indian mythology, there was a time when the gods stirred the ocean to give rise to a precious nectar that would grant immortality to those who drank it. The nectar was named amrit, a Sanskrit word that means "imperishable". Guduchi is one of three herbs that has earned the status and Ayurveda name, amrit.


    • Immune and sinus support
    • Balances immune response to Allergens
    • Supports proper function of the liver and kidneys
    • Promotes detoxification of the liver
    • Promotes healthy skin and a clear complexion
    • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
    • Supports digestion and a healthy balance of intestinal flora
    • Supports comfortable movement of the joints

    Quality Assurance:

    • Manufactured in the US in cGMP, FDA reviewed manufacturing facility. 
    • Organic
    • GMP certified
    • Vegan friendly
    • Free of microbials & heavy metals
  • Each Bottle Contains:
    60 - 300mg capsules suitable for Vegans

    Guduchi Supplement Facts

    Serving Size:
    1 Capsule with food. Dosage is up to 3 times a day for theurapeutic benefit.

    Main Ingredient:
    Organic Guduchi Powder (Tinospora cordifolia)

    Phoneme Enhanced:
    Sound vibrations for transformation, truth, longevity and health

    Other Ingredients:

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The Love Story of Love & Grace Herbs

The art & science of healing body + mind + soul

Nambu Botanical supplements represent the culmination of our founder's knowledge of ancient herbal secrets jealously guarded by Siddha masters of his long lineage.

A special blend of sounds with positive messaging infused in superior herbal ingredients are the basis of our supplements. This Phoneme Infusedtm technology creates supplements that rejuvenate and protect the body at the cellular level. 

"The mind is refined through plants...All plants, all life is a manifestation of the mantra, which is the structuring power of the cosmic mind.  Through the mantra all things are empowered. Without the use of mantra, which means the right energization of the mind, any healing process remains outward and superficial." - Dr. David Frawley, The Yoga of Herbs

Phonemes are not mantras, per se, but are the building blocks of mantras. - Dr. Baskaran Pillai

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