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Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee Description


      Shreem energy, according to Siddha Yoga and Tantric texts, is in turmeric. Simply put, Shreem which is Lakshmi’s mantra, carries Lakshmi’s energy which is prosperity.

      The sound Brzee revealed through Dr. Pillai in the late 1990s by the sage Vishvamitra, carries the energy to dissolve karma and promote prosperity. Within the subtle body, Shreem Brzee resides at the navel chakra.

      Turmeric is the only Indian herb that has over 600 research studies worldwide, and it is the top-selling herbal supplement in the United States, and for good reason. This Siddha herb is a symbol of prosperity and protection in most households in India.


      Hold 1 or 2 capsules in your hand while focusing on your navel chakra.

      Say the sound, Shreem Brzee into the navel chakra a few times.

      Take the capsules with water.

      For extra benefit: Say out loud or quietly, the sound Shreem Brzee for 5 mins.

    • Turmeric research studies have linked this herb root powder to Health Support:

      • Awaken and strengthen the Naval Chakra to manifest at the 'gut-level'
      • Bolster confidence and Increase willpower
      • Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response.
      • Provide powerful free radical scavenging activity as an Anti-oxidant.
      • Promotes healthy liver function.
      • Prevents cognitive decline

      What Makes It Extra Special:

      Shreem Brzee is the mantra for Goddess Lakshmi. Turmeric is also Lakshmi’s most cherished herb. She keeps this golden spice close to her at all the temples. We have infused our organic Turmeric with Shreem Brzee as done in the Siddha lineage. Crafted to activate the Navel Chakra.

      Quality Assurance:
      - Manufactured in the US
      - GMO Free
      - Organic
      - GMP certified
      - Free of microbials & heavy metals

    • Each Bottle Contains:
      60 - 500mg capsules suitable for Vegans

      SHREEM BRZEE Supplement Facts

      Serving Size:
      1 Capsule with food.

      Main Ingredient:
      Turmeric root powder, Turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids, BioPerine®, Black Pepper Extract.
      -500 mg per serving

      Phoneme Enhanced:
      Sound vibrations for self-esteem, confidence and abundance consciousness

      Other Ingredients:


Shreem Brzee Facts

Serving Size:
1 Capsule with food.

Main Ingredient:
Turmeric root powder, Turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids, BioPerine®, Black Pepper Extract.
-500 mg per serving

Phoneme Enhanced:
Sound vibrations for transformation and health

Other Ingredients:

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The Love Story of Love & Grace Herbs

The art & science of healing body + mind + soul

Nambu Botanical supplements represent the culmination of our founder's knowledge of ancient herbal secrets jealously guarded by Siddha masters of his long lineage.

A special blend of sounds with positive messaging infused in superior herbal ingredients are the basis of our supplements. This Phoneme Infusedtm technology creates supplements that rejuvenate and protect the body at the cellular level. 

"The mind is refined through plants...All plants, all life is a manifestation of the mantra, which is the structuring power of the cosmic mind.  Through the mantra all things are empowered. Without the use of mantra, which means the right energization of the mind, any healing process remains outward and superficial." - Dr. David Frawley, The Yoga of Herbs

Phonemes are not mantras, per se, but are the building blocks of mantras. - Dr. Baskaran Pillai

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