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Sound gives herbs life.

Phoneme infusedTM herbs developed by spiritual scientists,
made to revitalize mind and body, with one capsule.

Why Nambu?

Move the mouse over the text below:

Sound as an ingredient
We bless our herbs with sound frequencies to maximize your health potential using PHONEME-INFUSION ™ technology
Amazing adaptogens
Adaptogens are an elite class of herbs that impart strength, energy, endurance and enhanced mental clarity
Enlighten mind-body-spirit-emotions
Uncommon herbs for your personalized wellness ritual. (Take the quiz!)
Sacred sourcing
Expertly curated herbal selections that uphold the ancient wisdom of herbology

What our customers are saying

    • I started taking enlightenment formula about 3 weeks ago and have already noticed major changes in the way my brain is working. I had a situation arise where there was a lot of struggle and i was able to approach it from a peaceful point and come to a resolution quickly. I feel as though this formula raises my consciousness to a whole other level and I am able to go about my days with ease. Another winner!
      Crystal - Ohio
    • "I have been using Love & Grace since July 2016. Going through one of the hardest periods of my life. A demanding work - life and the passing of my Dad made this time one of the hardest to endure. I was entirely stuck in between heart breaks. One day, I decided to increasing the intake of Love & Grace supplement based on recommended amount. Shortly after that, I truly start witnessing subtle but powerful changes around me ~
      -My grief and heartbreak turned into an immense compassion and act of kindness towards everything, including myself.
      -Stress of an uncertain future turned into a peaceful state that re-established my self-confidence stronger than before
      - And most importantly above all experiencing, learning, feeling the true meaning of Love & Grace has made a wholehearted, brand new person.

      There is not enough words to express my gratitude and my very true wish for everyone to experience this transformation of positive feelings whatever or wherever their journey has been taking them…”
      Hande Sadic
    • I was feeling really exhausted throughout the day. Everything took twice as long as it used to and my motivation was shot after 2:00pm. I tried everything...changing my diet even went to see my doctor and all was fine. Then I tried Enlightenment Formula. Everything changed. After taking just 1 capsule all my energy came back and I had the motivation to do all the things that seemed so laborious for me. There is something truly phenomenal in these herbs!
      Norma, California
    • Guduchi has empowered me to be more creative, and has removed my fear of self-expression. It seems to have opened the channels that were blocked. It has been a subtle but powerful shift for me, one that has helped me move my life forward!.
      Rose Reveley, Texas


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