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Enlightenment Formula

Enlightenment Formula Description


    Eclipta Alba is a secret herb used by many Saints and Siddha’s to find ecstatic levels of awareness. This unique sound-infused formula connects you to your own deep source of intelligence through the crown chakra- an energy center on the very tippy-top of your head. Eclipta Alba has been rumored to remove karma by simply changing the thoughts of the herb-taker!

    As a liver protector, the Enlightenment Formula works overtime by turning fat into energy, detoxifying chemicals and getting rid of old blood cells. Additionally, the formula purifies your skin and hair resulting in an outer glow. Why not help the largest gland in your body and promote beautiful skin and hair too!

  • Eclipta Alba research studies have linked this herb to help with:

    • Improves memory & concentration
    • Sharpens awareness & capacity for judgement
    • Improves meditation
    • Reveals a higher state of consciousness
    • Calms the mind from excessive activity
    • Promotes better sleep
    • Reduces systolic blood pressure
    • Gentle elimination of liver toxins

    What Makes It Extra Special:

    Our Enlightenment Formula is “Phoneme enhanced”. The herbs are infused with specific brain chakra sound vibrations that increase the potency of this power-house herb.

    Quality Assurance:
    - Manufactured in the US
    - GMP certified
    - Free of microbials & heavy metals

  • Each Bottle Contains:
    60 - 460mg capsules suitable for Vegans

    Enlightenment Formula Supplement Facts

    Serving Size:
    1 Capsule with food.

    Main Ingredient:
    Eclipta Alba whole plant extract
    -460 mg per serving

    Phoneme Enhanced:
    Sound vibrations for transformation and health

    Other Ingredients:
    Rice flour, hypromellose, vegetable
    magnesium stearate and silica

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The Love Story of Love & Grace Herbs

The art & science of healing body + mind + soul

Nambu Botanical supplements represent the culmination of our founder's knowledge of ancient herbal secrets jealously guarded by Siddha masters of his long lineage.

A special blend of sounds with positive messaging infused in superior herbal ingredients are the basis of our supplements. This Phoneme Infusedtm technology creates supplements that rejuvenate and protect the body at the cellular level. 

"The mind is refined through plants...All plants, all life is a manifestation of the mantra, which is the structuring power of the cosmic mind.  Through the mantra all things are empowered. Without the use of mantra, which means the right energization of the mind, any healing process remains outward and superficial." - Dr. David Frawley, The Yoga of Herbs

Phonemes are not mantras, per se, but are the building blocks of mantras. - Dr. Baskaran Pillai

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